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(206) 920 -2254 /// driveways cost  on average $14.00 a sq. ft  to install  // this changes with the amount of area your doing // ie,:   500 sq.ft  verses  5,000 sq.ft //  the cost will usually drop with more sq. ft.//  also figure about $2.00 a sq. ft demo // example a 500 sq. ft driveway  x  $14.00 a sq. ft = $7,000.00  +  $1,000.00 for demo of old debris  = $8,000.00 + state tax almost $9,000  total // if your doing a 2000 sq. ft driveway the price would drop about $2.50 to $3.00 a sq. ft // these are very good figures to go by , and of couse if theres alot of demo or extra work its more money // but this is a great figure for a normal project // often times when we do driveways there are retaining walls in need of repair as well //retaining walls cost from $20.00 a sq.ft to $34.00 a sq. ft// thanks for reading //  the staff at// salmon bay landscaping llc

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